PalmSHIELD Completes Project in Sunny LA

A metal louvered fence from PalmSHIELD forming an protected enclosure outside of a City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power buildingPalmSHIELD is proud to announce that we were selected by the City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power for their mechanical equipment enclosure. They had a set of strict requirements for their louvered systems, and PalmSHIELD worked diligently to meet every one.

The Nitty-Gritty

The City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s louvered equipment enclosures had to meet the 31 pounds per square foot of pressure test. Additionally, the mechanical screen system had to be specially constructed to meet a particular set of site conditions. Each 6” by 6” square gate post had to have special plate fabrication due to loading requirements and limited wall space. PalmSHIELD’s in-house engineering considered the cone effect of both a vertically and horizontally-placed pressure anchor or wedge. We wanted to ensure that the cone effect of the anchors did not overlap one another and that each anchor was not close enough to the edge of the concrete that it would cause a sprawl effect.

If you look at these project photos, you will see that installation was a huge success. Our panel heights matched up perfectly to the adjoining system and every detail of this project turned out exactly right. Visit our website at www.palmshieldlouvers.com to view our specialty fencing options today.

A Palmshield louvered fence on the side of a City of Los Angeles building