Overhead Track Gates

Overhead track slide gates make allot of good sense when you have a high use facility entrance and need a highly reliable gate, the slide gate would be your best choice. These gates do not need a counter balance like cantilever gates do; these gates place far less stress on all the gate hardware and the gate operators. they use heavy duty hardware that is designed for continuous daily duty with little to now wear and tear. Slide gates have a track that extends above and through the opening; this gives the gate more rigidity under winds and severe weather conditions.

Slide gates use a large 6" or 8" I-Bean, this beam spans the opening and travels long enough to support the slide gate in the full opening. This I-beam is a gate track. It borrows a trolley design from the material handling industry to support the gate along the length of the I-beam track. Trolleys are often rated for up to several thousands of pounds, they use high quality sealed bearings.  Some slide gates depending on the opening my require two to three trolleys. The I-beam track is placed at a height to accommodate trucking which is limited to 14' clearance, unless the trucking company is shipping over-height loads.

The frames may be of aluminum or steel. Gate panels ar typically the same height as the adjoining fence line. It will be extended to the height of the track with vertical uprights and will be attached to the trolleys. If you are going to make your slide gate automated, the rear of the gate must be slightly extended. This extension will be used to attach the operator chain to the tail of the gate. Large overhead slide gates are a great choice for high speed automation needed in secure facilities and airports. with a large rigid track extended above and through the opening this prevents any bouncing of the gate up or down due to the torque of the gate operator.