Not Just Any Louvered Screen

PalmSHIELD is not just any manufacturer of louvered screens. They are an engineered louvered system manufacturer. What does this mean for our valued customers? PalmSHIELD inspects and reviews every project for the following conditions.

  • Where are your louvered screens going to be located? If it is a rooftop unit, the system could be exposed to sheer winds or wind tunnels.
  • How tall is the overall height of the system? This will greatly impact post, plate, and gusset solutions. This will also determine panel widths and panel ribbing.
  • What will the system be attached to? A flat concrete slab will pose a significantly different situation than a concrete knee wall or parapet wall.
  • What are the gate types? Sometimes, swing gate will not work as well as a slide gate. PalmSHIELD is very unique in that we will provide a wide array of gate and door solutions.
  • What are the gate sizes? PalmSHIELD has been a gate solution provider for over fifty years. We understand the structural considerations of slide gates and large swing gates.

There are several louvered screen manufacturers who build and inventory stock size louvered screens. PalmSHIELD is unique in that we don't simply manufacture louvered screens but we will manufacture systems that work. So, if you have the need for a 20' tall louvered screen system with customized gate hardware, transom panels and a one-of-a-kind door like this customer; you have come to the right place.