Incense Cedar: The fencing material that can take it all and still stand tall

Incense Cedar is becoming one of the most used woods in the fencing industry, taking over its close relative the Western Red Cedar. With a lower cost and many great qualities, it's not hard to see why. It is native to forests in southern Oregon, western Nevada, and California, Incense Cedar is a blond wood with straight, clean grains and is non-resinous. Due to its non-resinous property, Incense Cedar holds varnishes, lacquer and other stains far better than resinous woods.

Perhaps Incense Cedar's main characteristic that makes it so popular in fencing is its notable decay resistance and ability to stand up against weather conditions, even without a protectant. It is durable under every weather condition and climate, is less combustible than other cedars and least likely of the cedars to shrink.

Not only is Incense Cedar great under varying conditions, but it's wonderful to work with. It machines very easily, finishes with a smooth, satiny surface with splinter-free versatility. It is also able to outperform Western Red Cedar in machining, resistance in nailing and its ability to hold screws and nails.

Incense Cedars impressive properties make for a beautiful fence with high dimensional stability and trememdous weather endurance, all while remaining highly economical with an affordable price point.

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