Gate depth and footing sizes

How deep should I set my gate post into my footing? Based on my gate, how large of a footing do I need?

Gate posts should always be set deeper and with a larger footing than your typical terminal post. With the gate cantilevering off the post; the post will put a great deal of stress on the footing. The footing will  also put more load against the earth. This will require the post to be longer, and the footing will need to be larger and deeper than the average terminal post. Please use the below chart when selecting post lengths, footing diameters, and depths based on the square footage of the gate.

Gate Square Footage      Footing Diameter & Depth           Gate Post Depth

1-24                                    10”X36”                                            24”

24-72                                  12”X42”                                            36”

72-125                                16”X48”                                            42”

125-240                              24”X60”                                            60”