Featured Product: Universal Self-Closing Spring Hinge

A universal self-closing spring hinge with 2 large u-bolts and 2 small u-boltsIf you have any children or animals you don’t want escaping as you’re going through your gate, you should consider installing some of these self-closing hinges.

A self-closing hinge is just a hinge with a spring. These hinges are popular with homeowners with children and pets and with property owners who want more control of their gate’s traffic flow. They also may help discourage intruders from entering through your gate and provide additional security.

Universal Self-Closing Spring Hinge

The universal self-closing spring hinge can be used on commercial and residential chain link fences. This hinge uses 4 U-bolts to attach to the fence post and gate frame, is made of aluminum die cast housing and utilizes a stainless-steel hinge pin and spring. You will need two of these hinges per gate, three if you have a commercial gate or a gate greater than or equal to 6 feet.

The larger surface area of a universal self-closing spring hinge ensures you don’t need to risk overtightening the hinge. Universal self-closing spring hinges have a ribbed texture on the inside of the hinge to help it grip the pipe, while the U-bolts secure it in position. For increased security, there are tabs located on each U-bolt for you to insert a tek screw to lock the hinges into place.

Universal Self-Closing Spring Hinge Benefits

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Textured for better grip
  • Functions under lower torque
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Stainless steel hinge pin and spring
  • Lightweight construction

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