Featured Product: Split Rail

A white 3 rail ranch rail running along the edge of a vast fieldNo matter you live, more likely than not you know of those charming fences that often border farms and rural properties. These fences usually have two or three rails and are made of vinyl or wood. This homey fence-style is a split rail fence; also known as a ranch rail fence.

Split rail fences are often used on farms because they are great at keeping cattle and horses secure and safe. Our ranch rail is specifically great to use for residential properties, as they are great for defining property lines and are economical.

Split Rail: A Classic Fence with Flair

Ranch rail is a simple fence that along with its lower price, is very easy to install and is straightforward in its construction. You could very well put it together yourself, and in doing so save yourself some time and money on professional installation.

Split rail fences nicely define the borders of your property and accent your landscape with a cozy, classic farm vibe. These fence’s good looks can also raise the value of your property.

We offer vinyl ranch rail fences instead of wood because of these vinyl qualities:

  • Holds up in extreme weather
  • No painting or staining required
  • No threat from insects or rot
  • Crisp, clean look
  • Lasting durability

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