Featured Product: Prefabricated Ornamental Iron

Fencing is not only a tool to ensure security and privacy, but it also adds to the appeal and the personality of your business or home. It's also an aspect of landscaping, which grooms your propertys overall image.

Prefabricated ornamental iron is an elegant and aestetically-appealing approach when adding fencing. This style of fencing is made of metal and is welded and designed  with beautiful shapes and adornments, which draws in many due to its durability, secureity, and beauty.

Ornamental iron fences can vary from 4 feet or less up to 8 feet tall. They are typically built with vertical posts and can include horizontal bars depending on the design.

Flat Top Three Rail Fence Panels

Flat Top Ornamental Iron fence designs are rising in popularity in the fencing market due to their safe, spear-free top rail and strong, clean lines.

Coming in 6-foot, 5-foot, and 4-foot size options, our Flat Top Ornamental Three Rail Fence Panels are 8 feet in length and utilize three rails for extra support. These panels are spear-free, making them friendly for children and pets. These panels' powder coating give them durable, long lasting color that resists fading, scratching and chipping.

Benefits of Ornamental Iron

Ornamental iron is a time-honored fencing material with many admirable benefits included

  • Works well with most property types.
  • Very decorative
  • Durable against all types of weather
  • Increases the value of your business or home
  • Has a strong construction
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • Keeps small children and pets contained
  • Very low maintenance

Even just by implication, a home or business with ornamental iron fencing leave the impression on potential burglars that they have higher security systems in place, further deterring robberies.

Built to Last

Prefabricated ornamental iron fences are durable, strong and are difficult to break through or tear down. They are also treated to protect them from rust or corrosion damage. Ornamental iron fences last for many years to come.

Unlike other fencing, ornamental iron doesn't need to be replaced every few years. Their longer utility life makes the higher price of iron work as an investment in the future.

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