Featured Product: Perforated Panel Screens

A perforated panel with the profile of a timberwolf sculpted into one of the endsPerforated panel screens are now being offered by PalmSHIELD as another style of their security fencing that showcases visibility and customization. This style of security fence allows a controllable amount of light passage and air flow.

Due to the fact that they’re made of aluminum, PalmSHIELD’s perforated panel systems are very corrosion resistant and lightweight. Their perforated quality allows as much or as little visibility, light and air flow you would like to pass through. These panels are ideal for partitions, sign panels, enclosures, guards and screens.

Perforated Panel Benefits:

  • Controllable
    • air flow
    • light-to-shade ratio
    • sound pollution
  • Visually appealing
  • Lightweight & strong
  • Wide selection of sizing options
  • Customizable visibility

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