Draw Your Fence Free: Online Fence Drawing Tool

Interface of America's Fence Store's online fence drawing tool

In centuries past, the best, most proven method of getting parameters for fencing was to hire a professional contractor. They’d dispatch an estimator to physically measure your yard’s dimensions and manually calculate the necessary fence parts, accessories, etc. (Or you had to take the time to measure everything yourself.) Either way, it’s a time-consuming process, and some clients have voiced their wishes for a speedier process. America’s Fence Store listened and sought a solution: an interactive method of drawing a fence outline and an automatic way to create an itinerary. After careful planning and trials, we are proud to announce the arrival of our new—free to use—fence drawing tool!

Main menu access to America's Fence Store's free drawing tool.

Access the tool anytime by clicking “Draw My Fence” on our main menu. Having an online fence drawing tool means you can draw your fence anywhere so long as you have internet connection—including at a job site! Say you discover the project needs 10 feet of chain link fencing. Now you can calculate and order the necessary parts without even picking up the phone.

America's Fence Store's dropdown list for drawing a fence.

You’ll be prompted with a dropdown list asking for your fence type, style, height, and color. When finished, click Next. On the next window, select “Draw” under “Draw My Fence.”

Prompt window for drawing a fence on Google Maps or on a blank canvas.

The fence drawing tool will now appear in a new window. Before getting started, notice you have the option of drawing on either a blank canvas or a Google Maps view of your property.

Interface for drawing a fence on Google Maps.

If you want to draw on Google Maps, simply enter your address and click “Search My Address.” If trees and other objects are obscuring property lines, click the “Remove Trees” button to toggle them off.

Interface for drawing a fence on a blank canvas.

Selecting the “Draw on a Blank Canvas” option opens an empty grid. If you know your yard measurements, you can put together a complete fence drawing in minutes!

One thing you’ll know about our fence drawing interface is that each tool comes with its own instructions (which appear on the right of the grid). You can also add objects such as houses, trees, swimming pools, decks, and gardens. This feature allows you to get an idea of how your fence will relate to everything on your property. When finished, click “Finalize Drawing And Add to Cart.”

Fence supplies automatically added to your cart.

In just a few seconds, our website will calculate everything needed to build your fence, and automatically add it to your cart. Fence posts, rails, fittings, the whole nine yards! What would otherwise require a few days is done in less than a minute!