Construction Site Thefts Are Up

Construction site thefts over the last two years are rising. American Fence Rental has installed a large amount of construction site security fence as well over the last two years. Contractors are doing their best in providing site security. These thieves are still able to find their way into the secured site. Although providing site security, contractors can make some critical mistakes that could have made a difference between theft free or several site break-ins. American Fence Rental provides suggestions that would promote a better secured system at little to no additional investment. Based on recent reports on theft at construction sites, we are adding a How-To for site security fence installations to help prevent thefts.

  1. Your employee parking should be fenced in. This helps remove anywhere  logical for thieves to park. Make these thieves park where the street is lighted and away from the site. They will think twice before attempting a break in, and will move on to a better construction site to target.
  2. Use wind screen or shade screen  on fences where the site is highly visible. Or if you site is up against a street where everyone can see you installing items of high value to a thief. Shade screen will help block there view. Remember, out of site is out of mind.
  3. Debris and weeds need to be removed. If weeds are allowed to grow, this gives a hidden path in and out of your site. Keep your site clean.
  4. Temporary construction site fence should be kept tight to the ground. Even the smallest gap under your fence is an invitation to break in. A general contractor who was building a large box store noticed a considerable amount of construction material placed against his fence. After doing a check on the fence, he noticed the fence was installed with a large gap at the bottom of the fence. Workers were piling materials next to the fence to be stolen when the site was not occupied. Ask yourself, how much material left this site before the issue with the gap under the fence was fixed? My guess $1,000 of dollars worth of material or more.
  5. Do not allow other trades or employees remove salvaged materials from your site. Especially if it is not part of there scope of work. Once you allow someone to take salvage like old electrical fittings. Next, this leads to the copper wiring, and even new material. Don't create a s slippery slope by giving others an excuse to remove material from your site. If you must allow salvage, place this material in the parking lot separated from everything else.

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