Complete Fence Packages: Fence Shopping Made Easy!

Complete fence packages, with all necessary fence parts bundled, available at America's Fence Store.

Buying a fence can be quite the guessing game without the services of a professional contractor. How long does the fence need to be? How many materials are required, exactly? How many feet should you subtract to accommodate for the gate? Will you have a sizable amount of parts and fittings left over, cluttering up the garage and storage shed? Here at America’s Fence Store, we’ve taken steps to help simplify the fence-buying process. Our fence drawing tool—free to use on our website!—allows you to draw your fence’s outline and its accompanying gate on a Google Maps view of your property. (So there’s no guessing how long your fence must be!) Our sales staff is on standby to answer any and all questions. And now, America’s Fence Store is proud to announce the next big way of streamlining your fence-buying experience: Complete Fence Packages!

Available on our home page and right here, these packages are the quintessential option for customers who 1) know how long their fence must be, 2) have determined what kind of fence they want, and 3) have the manpower and experience to put everything together. Basically, a Complete Fence Package is everything needed to build a fence—infill, posts, rails, fittings, and accessories—bundled in one convenient order. Everything’s been calculated in advance, so there’s no need to estimate how much fence materials will be needed. Customers who’ve made all necessary measurements ahead of time benefit greatly from these packages. Oh, and did we mention that complete fence packages 150' and longer include gates?

Our Complete Fence Packages are currently available in the following sizes and categories:

  • Black Vinyl Chain Link (4’, 5’, 6’)
  • Galvanized Chain Link (4’, 5’, 6’)
  • Ornamental Flat Top (4’, 5’, 6’)
  • Ornamental Spear Top (5’, 6’)
  • Black Ornamental Aluminum Flat Top (4’, 5’)
  • Closed Picket Vinyl (4’)
  • Semi Privacy Vinyl (6’)
  • Privacy Vinyl (6’)
  • Fir Wood Picket (4’)
  • Cedar Wood Solid Privacy (6’)

The packages come in the following lengths (all measured in feet): 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350. Shorter length packages are great for customers who only need partial enclosures, such as along one particular edge of their yard. Commercial settings which only need bottleneck security at certain entrance points also benefit from short-length fencing.

Complete Fence Packages are a top choice for contractors and ambitious Do It Yourself homebuilders. Get high-quality fence materials shipped directly to your address or job site!