Cleaning Your Vinyl Fence Materials: It's Easier Than You Think!

Aerial view of a white vinyl fence in a residential neighborhood.

4 Simple Methods for Cleaning Your Vinyl Fence Materials

Over the last few decades, vinyl fences have become increasingly popular, especially in residential neighborhoods, due to their natural beauty, customizable colors, and extreme resistance to rust and UV damage. Another major selling point for this fence type is simple, stress-free maintenance. Not only are vinyl fences uncomplicated to install, but they’re very easy to clean and take care of.

Like all permanent outdoor fixtures, vinyl fencing becomes dirty with time. Exposure to the elements, dirt stirred up by wind, physical contact with foreign objects and entities--all of this gradually results in grime and detritus detracting from their natural beauty. Thus, PVC fences require upkeep to remain looking spectacular all year long.

Here are four easy tools and techniques for cleaning your vinyl fence and keeping it elegant in appearance:

  1. A Garden Hose. This is probably the easiest and quickest way to care for your vinyl fence and should be done at least once a month. Rinsing your fence helps clear surface dirt and keeps it from getting caked with debris.
  2. Soft Scrub and Simple Green. Soft Scrub and Simple Green are solutions specifically formulated to wash off dirt and grime on vinyl. You will want to apply the cleaning solution with a soft cloth or soft brush so as to not scratch your vinyl.
  3. Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser. The Magic Eraser is a safe and easy way to get rid of tougher dirt stains. All you need to do is dampen the eraser, scrub it across the stains, and that’s that.
  4. Power Washing. If your vinyl fence hasn’t been cleaned for some time, a power wash might just be the thing you need. The pressure from the water helps remove any and all stains and will be much more effective than a garden hose.

Note: If you have a tan vinyl fence or any color other than white, make sure to read the labels on all these cleaning solutions so they don’t discolor your fence.

Vinyl fencing is bound to get dirty, there’s no getting around that. As long as you keep up on it every month and give it a quick rinsing or scrub, your vinyl fence will always be looking brand new.