Canitlever Gates-No sweeping concerns

Cantilever gates are the most popular automated gates of choice. These catilever gates are suspended above the ground. There is no concerns regarding different terrain, road, or weather conditions. the guide wheels both lower and upper, guide the gate through the opening. unlike swing gates. Cantilever gates slide back and for the. Therefor eliminating concerns over moderate levels of snow.

Cantilever gates' Achille's heel is changing elevations. The cantilever gate is supported by two support post, both these post support the gate on the storage side of the opening. These support posts support the rollers or trucks that support the gate. The posts are spaced approximately half the distance of the opening apart from one another. On a 20ft. opening, the post are 10ft. apart. These post must be set at the highest elevation along the entire travel of the gate. Whether manual or automated, cantilevers must be installed level to prevent gate from closing on its own. these gates if not installed level could possibly harm vehicles, or worse yourself. Level gates are the best practice and in accordance with UL 325 and ASTM 2200. Cantilever gates cannot be adjusted to changing elevations. If the elevation falls through the opening; there may be a considerable gap under the gate. If elevation falls along the travel of the gate rises higher than at the support post' elevation; It could bottom-out while traveling.

Cantilevers are an excellent choice of gate for storage issues. the gate takes-up little space as it stores up against an adjoining fence line. Swing Gates on the hand, you have to keep the entire area clear where the gate opens.. A cantilever gate has a very small foot print. Cantilever gates usually are one and a half the distance of the opening. So, with a 20ft. opening; your gates 30ft. overall. Make sue you account for this space along the fence line where the gate stores.

There are two types of cantilever gates. Steel gates that use an all steel frame. These gates are pinched between two bottom and top rollers. Roller covers must be installed to protect others in accordance with UL325 and ASTM 2200. Aluminum cantilever gates use an all aluminum frame with an extruded track at the top of the gate. Trucks or trolleys are installed, these run inside this track to support the gate from the support post. Guide wheels are used at the bottom, these wheels keep the gate plumb and centered. Steel gates are the most economic and most reliable. Aluminum cantilever gates are lighter and a great platform for an ornamental looking gate. These gates with the enclosed track system has a smoother operation during snow and ice storms.

 America's Gate manufactures hundreds of both styles of cantilever gates each year. Most of these are automated gates. In today's high security environments, there are automated systems that will move from 2' to 11' per second. Imagine closing a 30' gate in under three seconds. Most automated cantilevers move at 1' per second. This is a much safer speed. Cantilever gates are a perfect choice for manufacturing facilities, estate entrances, and any high security applications.