Cable Railing Is Our Specialty

Cable railing is growing in popularity in new contemporary and modern architectural schemes.  Designers like the look of this unique installation due to its slim and discreet appearance that leaves the eye to look beyond the railing.  Others simply like the sleek look of the tight shiny stainless steel or galvanized cables.

The challenge with cable railing is that it must meet standard IBC and UBC codes which requires an opening not greater than four inches and less than an inch of deflection under two hundred pounds of load.  To meet this requirement the cables must be tensioned to some incredible levels, creating a considerable amount of pull on both ends of termination.

This pull on the termination ends is where some cable rail fabricators fail to recognize how much constant pressure exists.  On poorly designed systems, you may see a bow over time in the termination ends or shifting of end assemblies pulling it out of plumb and pulling out anchors.

American Fence Company has designed and installed cable rail systems for over ten years.  We appreciate the engineering dynamics of all this tension on both the railing structure and to adjoining surfaces.  American Fence Company designs their systems using a full framed structure that independently supports the cables regardless of any anchorage points.  We recognize that we must deliver a system that consistently remains square and does not put undue and damaging pressure on stair treads, landings, decks, etc.

The unique cable railing in the photo runs for several hundred feet.  It utilizes a mechanical hinge connection at the top and bottom rail that allows the railing to adjust to changes in elevation and slope.  In-between each rail centered between the post is a hinged slim steel profile that keeps the cables aligned and assures the cables will meet code compliance yet is very discreet.  This unique one of a kind installation is perfect for large installations that may have varied slopes.  This installation was a huge success that validates American Fence Company is your best choice for cable railing.