Brown Hog Rings (sold by the LB)
Brown Hog Rings (sold by the LB)
Brown Hog Rings (sold by the LB)

Brown Hog Rings (sold by the LB)

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While chain link fabric is resilient, it needs to be attached to a fence at various points in order to provide utmost security. Without firm and thorough attachment, your fabric will be loose, allowing gaps for animals and/or intruders to slip through. This is especially problematic if you're setting up a small chain link fence for containing small animals such as rabbits—or a garden with a fence designed to keep animals out.

Fortunately, there is an accessory which makes attaching fence fabric easy. These are hog rings, manufactured in the shape of a mouth, designed to "pinch" fabric to the framework of a fence. All you need to implement them is a pair of pliers. Simply place the hog ring height-wise within the grip of your pliers, with the "mouth" of the ring facing forward. Hold where you want to join the fabric to your fence framework. Then, clamp down with the pliers so that the hog ring pinches the fabric and the frame together.

These hog rings are also useful for other installations that involve fence fabric, such as chicken coops and garden fences.

  • Brown vinyl coated 
  • Sold by the pound (about 125 rings per pound)
  • Light weight
  • Corrosion resistant