6-5/8" Black Steel Terminal Cap

6-5/8" Black Steel Terminal Cap

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Putting the finished touches on a chain link fence includes covering the ends of the hollow terminal posts (end posts, gate posts, corner posts). Without terminal caps, your fence won't look complete and, worse still, will pose potential hazards. Because the posts are hollow, the edges can become sharp over time. Meaning that human interaction (such as children climbing on the fences) can result in accidental cuts. What's more, open gaps allow debris and precipitation to get into the posts.

The 6-5/8" Black Steel Terminal Cap is fashioned from rust resistant steel, painted black to match the appearance of black vinyl chain link fencing. Fashioned with a domed shape and rounded edges, it is a safe piece to handle both during and after installation. To install this terminal cap, place it over and on top of the post's opening rim. If you're having difficulty forcing it into place, you can use a rubber mallet to gently force it onto the post.

One terminal cap is needed for each terminal post.

  • Black vinyl coated 
  • Fits a 6-5/8” post 
  • Made of steel 
  • Corrosion resistant