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For high-quality playground equipment in Sioux City, look no further than American Playground Company. Our clientele includes schools, parks, apartment complexes, and general recreation areas. To handle such a vast number of projects, we have an enormous inventory encompassing thousands of products, and our staff consists of trained industry professionals. Contact American Playground Company for all your playground needs in Sioux City.


Safety is, of course, a top priority for playgrounds year-round, but especially in the summer. When the sun’s out all day and the temperature’s up, the heat-absorbent materials that playgrounds are fabricated from can become dangerously warm to the touch. To avoid burn-related injuries, American Playground Company of Sioux City recommends shade and shelter fixtures. Contact us for a free quote on these additions.


If you need site furnishings for your playground in Sioux City, look no further than American Playground Company! As the city’s #1 contractor, we offer a vast selection of public grills, bike racks, benches, trash receptacles, and other useful furnishings. Once you’ve picked out the items you want, contact us for a free quote. When it’s time for installation, we are here for you! Our team is staffed by trained industry professionals who know the ins and outs of every item in our inventory.



Playgrounds are often located in close proximity to sporting venues, so it only makes sense to include a few athletic equipment items at your play area. Batting cages, bleachers, goal posts, basketball hoops, nets – all of this helps broaden your playground’s appeal. Now kids can easily finish climbing on the playground and move to the court to play ball. American Playground Company of Sioux City has a vast inventory of athletic equipment and our team is trained to perform safe installation.


The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that three of every four injuries that occur on the playground result from accidental falls. While fall-related accidents are somewhat unavoidable at recreation areas where kids run and climb, you can reduce the number and severity of incidents with proper playground surfacing. American Playground Company of Sioux City recommends softer surface material such as rubber and artificial turf.


American Playground Company of Sioux City's freestanding elements consist of structures/equipment that are not part of an actual playground but nonetheless part of the same general recreation area where a playground has been installed. Examples include swings, slides, ball pits, climbers, and spinning play equipment. Freestanding elements help diversify a school/community playground.


In addition to keeping children occupied during recess/after school, playgrounds help promote exercise among kids. To further encourage exercise, American Playground Company of Sioux City sells and installs fitness equipment: curl stations, cardio walkers, pull bars, etc. Another benefit of fitness equipment is that it’s inclusive: adults can exercise either with their kids or while watching them play.


American Playground Company of Sioux City believes that people of all abilities should be able to participate in the playground experience. Inclusive play is beneficial to communities, allowing children of different backgrounds to have fun and grow up together. Our inclusive elements include not only diverse playground equipment but also ramps, quartets, and sand spots.


Pets are part of the family and love to participate in fun time. For this reason, American Playground Company of Sioux City sells canine-friendly equipment suited for playgrounds, apartment complexes, parks, etc. Pet playground equipment includes balance planks, hurdles, and multi-level steps. Now your pooch can have fun, too, when everyone ventures to the playground!

The American Playground Company is proud to be working with Superior Recreational Products as a quality supplier for all of your playground needs.

Free Quote and Consultation

Free Quote

Get started on your Sioux City playground project, beginning with a free quote. Choose from a variety of products and services including design consultation, playground installation, and site amenities.


Free evaluations cover your Sioux City playground project. Pick out items according to budget, location, and projected user age range. Evaluations can be performed in person or remotely via digital video chat.


American Playground Company of Sioux City provides customers with a site layout—complete with furnishing and structures—so you can verify the playground we build is the playground you want in advance! The installation process does not begin until you look over the layout and give your approval.

Installation by certified and experienced professionals

Full Installation

Playground installation in Sioux  City, carried out by certified industry professionals with years of experience. Our products meet and exceed industry standards.

Community Build

Volunteer experiences (such as building a playground in Sioux City) encourage communities to come together and nurture relations. American Playground Company’s supervisors can oversee projects and help save on installation costs.

Customer Installation

Playground installation in Sioux City performed by the customer saves on installation costs. In these situations, however, the consumer is responsible for following safety precautions and using up-to-date playground installation equipment.

About American Playground Company

The American Playground Company is the Midwest’s premier playground and recreational contractor that can accommodate every aspect of your project, both big and small. From initial design to final playground installation, our in-house team of experienced project planners, installers and inspectors will ensure that your playground, park, sporting, dog park, and other outdoor recreational areas are perfect from start to finish. American Playground Company also offers accessories and services needed for your recreational area. This includes playground surfacing, installing shades and shelters, and amenities such as playground benches and swings.

As the premier playground contractor in the Midwest, we prioritize safety in all our installments. Our playground inspectors are CPSI certified and will ensure your project is designed, developed and maintained with standard of care safety compliances.

The American Playground Company is a division of the American Fence Company. With our parent company, we are able to implement custom and unique fabrications while maintaining competitive pricing on playground equipment and accessories. We are capable of offering expert-driven services such as needs assessments, custom design consultations, CAD drawings and profession installation based on your project needs.

American Playground Company proudly serves states all across the Midwest. We work in and around Omaha, Lincoln, Grand Island, Columbus, Norfolk and Kearney, Nebraska; Des Moines, Sioux City, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids and Ames, Iowa; Rochester, Minnesota; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Kansas City and Wichita, Kansas.

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